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CAA Full form is ”Citizenship Amendment Act”. This act is passed by Indian Government for giving Indian citizenship to Non Muslim communities such as Hindu, Jain, Parsi, Christian and Bhuddhist migrant from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganisthan.

Citizenship amendment act is formed by amending the Indian Citizenship act, 1955 to give the citizenship who have live in India more than 5 Years illegally.

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This act give permission to migrants who are live more than 5 Years in India and Either their ancesters are living in India or they have relations with person who have Indian Citizenship.

According to Indian Citizenship act person who have completed 11 years in India to get Indian Citizenship but in CAA it will give only 5 Years to complete in India to get Indian Citizenship. This act is passed in Loksabha in 10th December 2019 but on 12th December our President passed this Act by signing to on this.

So we can say Citizenship Amendment Act is applicable from 12th December, 2019. When this bill is introduced 1st time in India several Muslims are unhappy with that and many campaign are developed in the country in several places.

Illegal migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanishan from Hindu, Jain, Cristian, Bhuddist and Parsi community have entered in India before 2014 are allowed but along with that reugees from Srilankan Tamil, Rohigyaas and Tibetian are not allowed to get the citizenship.

According to National Register of Citizens (NRC) it is an official record of theses refugees communities. The person from these communities want to Citizenship then he or she have produce an official government document like ration card or other document that proves the Indian origin for them.

If anyone have claims that he has in relation with any Indian origin then he needs to produce relation document in that document his name is also avilable then government will allows to take Indian Citizenship.

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