IES Full Form

In the realm of competitive examinations and prestigious career paths, acronyms often hold the key to opportunities and professional milestones. One such acronym that resonates prominently in the field of engineering and technical services is IES. IES stands for “Indian Engineering Services,” a designation that carries immense prestige and responsibility. IES Full Form IES full … Read more

OMVT full form | What does OMVT Stands for?

What is OMVT | OMVT Full Form | OMVT Full Form kya hai OMVT Full form is Orissa Motor Vehicles Taxation Act. Orissa government has passed taxation act through which government passes the rules for taxation in Orissa State. In the act government will passed the rules for different vehicle like capacity, registration, pollution and … Read more

CAA Full Form | What does CAA Stands form?

CAA full form | CAA Full form in Hindi | nrc caa Full form | caa full form India CAA Full form is ”Citizenship Amendment Act”. This act is passed by Indian Government for giving Indian citizenship to Non Muslim communities such as Hindu, Jain, Parsi, Christian and Bhuddhist migrant from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganisthan. … Read more

NSA Full Form | What NSA Stands for?

The NSA Full form is National Security Agency. It is a national intelligence agency for the Department of Defense of the United States of America. This agency work for intelligence activities for the Defense sector of the US. The NSA especially works for Signal Transmission technology. The intelligence agency tracks all the communication networks for … Read more

APGB Full Form | What is Full form of APGB?

Apgb full form, andhra pragati grameena bank net banking login, apgb atm application form, apgb mobile banking, andhra pragati grameena bank toll free number What is mean by APGB? | APGB full form  APGB full form is Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank. APGB is an RRB {Regional Rural Bank} established in 01.06.2006 by merging of three … Read more

SHGB Full form | What is SHGB Means?

What is SHGB Full form , Full form of SHGB, SHGB net banking registration, SHGB Blance check number, SHGB Online Banking, SHGB account opening form SHGB  Full form SHGB Full form is Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank. SHGB is a RRBs and it is sponsored by Punjab National Bank. RRBs (Regional Rural Banks) are the commercial … Read more

APBS Full form । What APBS Stands for?

What is Full form of APBS? APBS full form is Aadhaar Payment Bridge System. It is used to give DBT (Direct Benifit Transfer) to the people. So we can say that there is a clearance of mediaters in giving the benifits of govt. disbursement. Before Apbs there is a difficult process to give subsidies and … Read more

LPC Full Form । What does LPC Stands for?

Join whatsapp group Join Now Join Telegram group Join Now LPC full form is Last Pay Certificate. It is a document in which the data of employee like allowances, deduction, EPF, ESI etc. of a govt. employee.   This LPC {Last Pay Certificate} is used when an government employee transfer from one place to another … Read more

SIR Full Form । What is SIR mean?

SIR Full Form in English or full form of SIR is Slave I Remain. Basically the Word SIR orginated through the other word “Sire” Which is used to give a huge respect to any highly status person. If we can say that Sire is used for ‘King‘ in the ancient time. The Word Sire is … Read more