SIR Full Form । What is SIR mean?

SIR Full Form in English or full form of SIR is Slave I Remain.

Basically the Word SIR orginated through the other word “Sire” Which is used to give a huge respect to any highly status person. If we can say that Sire is used for ‘King‘ in the ancient time.

The Word Sire is a very respectful word which is used in the ancient time but it was not used for every person it is used either for highly reputated person in the society or for a empror of any Empire. But now it will not used in the modern time.

SIR is basically used for Men and Madam is used for Women. Both words are very respectful means by using these words we can give respect to any of the person. SIR is a word which is originated from the French word Sire.

SIR full form in Hindi

Full form of SIR in hindi is गुलाम मैं रहता हूँ.

  • SIR full form in Tamil is அடிமை நான் இருக்கிறேன்.
  • SIR Full form in Kannada is ಗುಲಾಮ ನಾನು ಉಳಿದಿದ್ದೇನೆ.
  • SIR Full form in Bengali is দাস আমি রয়েছি.
  • SIR full form in Chemestry is Steric Inhibiting Resonance
SIR Full Form in English
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sir full form

Other Useful full forms:-

Is sir a bad word?

No, SIR is not a bad word but it is a very respectful word. So we can say that this word is used to give someone huge respect so it will be used.

Who can be called sir?

It is an honorific word that is mainly used to give respect to Men. Mostly it is used after Name of any person to give him huge respect.

What is meant by sir in English?

The meaning of sir in English is “Slave I Remain”.

Should I call someone sir?

Basically, SIR is used for Men in our community. So we can call Sir only to a Male person.

Can we call sir to a woman?

No, Usually Madam is used for women. We can call Sir for Men person but it is different for women that is why we are not calling sir to a woman.

What is the female version of sir?

Madam is the female version of Sir.

Is a Sir a lord?

No, Sir is not a Lord but it is used to give respect to any male person.

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