WWWW Full Form। What WWWW Stands for?

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What is full form of WWWW? । WWWW Full Form

WWWW full form

Full Form of WWWW is World Wide Web Worm. It was one of the search engine developed by Oliver McBryan in September 1993 at the University of Colorado.

300000 multimedia database is created in worm and searched through WWW. Mr. McBryan told in a podcast that WWWW is an educational project and he never thought about commercializing it.

  • WWWW full form in computer – World Wide Wireless Web.

  • WWWW full form in Hindi – वर्ल्ड वाइड वेब वर्म

  • WWWW Full form quora – 

  • WWWW  full form 5g – World Wide Wireless Web

  • WWWW full form Wikipedia

Term Full-Form
WWWW World Wide Web Worm
WWWW World Wide Wireless Web
WWWW Wood World Wide by Williams
WWWW Who What When Where
WWWW Who Works With Whom
WWWW World Wide Web Wireless
WWWW Wonderful World Wide Web
WWWW FM-102.9, AnnArbor, Michigan
WWWW What Where When Why
WWWW Wibon Wccon Wifpon Wipon
WWWW What Went Wrong With
WWWW Weasleys Wizard Wheezes Wordsmith
WWWW World Wide Web Winemaking
WWWW World Wide Web Wonderer
WWWW World Wide Wildlife Web
WWWW Wer Wirbt Wie im Web
WWWW Wy Wyandots Wyat Wyatt
WWWW The Worldwide Wine Web
WWWW World Wide Web Wrestling
WWWW Who What Where When
WWWW What Went Well and Why
WWWW Werewolf the Wild West

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What does WWWW stand for?

Mostly used Full form of WWWW is
World Wide Web Worm
World Wide Wireless Web
World Wide Web Winemaking

What is the fourth W in WWWW?

All WWWW meaning is World Wide Web Worm so we can eaisly define fourth W stands for Worm.
It is the first search engine like google.

What is the meaning of WWW in computer?

WWW meaning in computer is World Wide Web which is used before name in any internet term. It is the term which is used before the domain name to retrive the data for that particular domain.

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