HRCT Full form । What is HRCT means?

What is HRCT Full Form? । What HRCT stands for?

HRCT Full form is High Resolution Computed Tomography. HRCT scan is done by using X-rays and gives the clear images of internal part of our body so that it helps us to study internal dieases of our body.

HRCT test helps us to detect blood clots and internal lungs condition due to that we can eaisly read the internal situation of body as well as about the heart.

Basically it is a medical tool by which we can eaisly study more about our lungs, heart and chest. Due to high resolution it will give better picture of internal parts so thats why it is more relevent to detect the infection.

HRCT test is very helpful in detection of coronavirus after failing some results of RT-PCR test. Because HRCT is scan the lungs and detect the infection in lungs and give the presence of virus so people are using this test to check coronavirus infection.

Process of HRCT Test

As like CT Scan the body is lying on a bed and push it to scanning machine after that by using X-ray it scan the body and produce clear pictures of internal things.

hrct scan full form

HRCT Test Full form। HRCT scan full form । HRCT chest full form

HRCT – High Resolution Computed Tomography  is the full form of Hrct test, hrct scan, hrct chest etc.

HRCT Full form in Marathi – उच्च रिझोल्यूशन संगणित टोमोग्राफी

HRCT Full Form in Hindi 

HRCT Full form in hindi is हाई रेजोल्यूशन कंप्यूटेड टोमोग्राफी.

HRCT full form

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