LPC Full Form । What does LPC Stands for?

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LPC full form is Last Pay Certificate. It is a document in which the data of employee like allowances, deduction, EPF, ESI etc. of a govt. employee.


This LPC {Last Pay Certificate} is used when an government employee transfer from one place to another place so the at the new place he needs to show the LPC Certificate. 

According to the Certificate new office will get the data of that particular employee that what benifits he will get and other information like deductions, TDS deduction, EPF deduction etc.

Other Useful full forms:-

The data of an employee for Lpc is about 4 copies. If the employee want to get his lpc certificate then he will able to apply to that relevent office and after submission of form the lpc certificate is released.

But if the certificate is not released in 4 days its maximum time is 10 days after that the employee not recieve his certificate then he is will complaint to the head office of the relevent department.

According to the LPC Certificate the government gives the next level grades of salary, promotion in the salary, other allowances as well as deductions.

lpc full form





What does LPC mean?

Last Pay Certificate is the meaning of LPC.

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