APBS Full form । What APBS Stands for?

What is Full form of APBS?

APBS full form is Aadhaar Payment Bridge System. It is used to give DBT (Direct Benifit Transfer) to the people. So we can say that there is a clearance of mediaters in giving the benifits of govt. disbursement.

Before Apbs there is a difficult process to give subsidies and other govt. disbursements so to avoid this mediateries govt. take an initiative to give all the benifits to the public directly to their accounts. So that APBS comes into existance.

It is a bridge in between bank and other beneficiary party through Aadhaar Number and the payments make very easy and fast to through this system.

Before Applying this APB System govt. takes an initiative to link aadhar to bank account and other beneficiary agencies.

Main Features and benifits of APBS System –

  • ABPS makes a strong bridge between govenment and people so that the transactions made very easy.
  • People get DBT (Direct Benifit Transfer) to their account through this system.
  • It is one of unique payment system which is implemented by NPCI {National Payments Corporation of India}.
  • It is very fast and Secure.
  • Through APBS millions of transations are done in seconds.
  • APBS is used by Government and Agencies to give transfer of benifits and subsidies to account through Direct benifit transfer scheme of the govt.
  • Mediaters are removed from old system in this new system.
  • Payments made in seconds through APBS {Aadhaar Payment Bridge System} but before that system it will take too much time and some case payment will not delivered to to beneficiary.
  • For Example payment through APB System are NERGA, Scholarship, LPG Subsidy, different pensions, other govt. disbursements.
  • By this a transperency comes into existance.

APBS Full form in Hindi is आधार भुगतान ब्रिज सिस्टम.

APBS Full form in Tamil is ஆதார் கட்டண பாலம் அமைப்பு.

APBS Full form in Kannada is ಆಧಾರ್ ಪಾವತಿ ಸೇತುವೆ ವ್ಯವಸ್ಥೆ.

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