OMVT full form | What does OMVT Stands for?

What is OMVT | OMVT Full Form | OMVT Full Form kya hai

OMVT Full form is Orissa Motor Vehicles Taxation Act. Orissa government has passed taxation act through which government passes the rules for taxation in Orissa State.

In the act government will passed the rules for different vehicle like capacity, registration, pollution and other charges etc.

Orissa government make some rules according to act 1975, and it will be amended by act 1988.

Some queries under OMVT Act.

Quarter:- Means a period of three months commencing on first day of April, the first day of July, the first day of October, the first day of January each year.

Registered:- means the person whose name a motor vehicle is registered under the motor vehicle act.

Tax:- means the tax leviable under this act.

Tax Token:- means a ticket to be displayed on a motor vehicle as an indication that the tax has been duly paid or that no tax is payable.

Transport Commissioner:- means the transport commissioner appoint by the state government.

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