PUBG ka Full Form । What is PUBG Full form?

  PUBG Ka Full Form । What is PUBG Means? । PUBG full form PUBG ka full form is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. PUBG is a online multiplayer battle royale most populer game which is most playing game in world.The game is developed by PUBG Corporation which is subsidery of online game company Bluehole. In PUBG Game … Read more

HRCT Full form । What is HRCT means?

What is HRCT Full Form? । What HRCT stands for? HRCT Full form is High Resolution Computed Tomography. HRCT scan is done by using X-rays and gives the clear images of internal part of our body so that it helps us to study internal dieases of our body. HRCT test helps us to detect blood … Read more

GDA Full Form । What is GDA full form?

GDA Full form । What is GDA means? । Full form of GDA  GDA full form is General Duty Assistant. Basically General Duty assistant (GDA) are health worker who are taking care of patients in hospitals are also called “Nursing Care Assistant”, “Nursing Assistant”, “Nursing Aides”, “Besides Assisstant” or “Order Lies”. GDA – General Duty … Read more

RPSC Full Form । What is RPSC mean । What is RPSC Full Form?

RPSC Full Form । What is RPSC Mean? RPSC Full Form is Rajasthan Public Service Commission. RPSC is commission for Rajasthan Government which organizing recruitment for new hirings in Rajasthan Government for different posts in different departments. RPSC organized an exam RAS/RTS for recruitment of RAS, RPS, RTS and Rajasthan Sub-Ordinate Services for Rajasthan Government … Read more

HCR Full Form । What does HCR stands for?

HCR Full Form । What is the full form of HCR? Full Form of HCR – Head Count Ratio. The term HCR (Head Count Ratio) is used in population proportion. HCR full form in Hindi – प्रमुख गणना अनुपात HCR Full Form in automobile  High Chief Ranger HCR Full Form in Automobile in Hindi – … Read more

WWWW Full Form। What WWWW Stands for?

Join whatsapp group Join Now Join Telegram group Join Now What is full form of WWWW? । WWWW Full Form Full Form of WWWW is World Wide Web Worm. It was one of the search engine developed by Oliver McBryan in September 1993 at the University of Colorado. 300000 multimedia database is created in worm … Read more