HAM Full Form । Hmm Full Form

HAM Full Form – HAM Full Form Kya hai

Actually HAM has more than one meaning that are explained in table.

Term Category Full Form
HAM Physics Hoshino Anniversary Model
HAM Networking Hardware Acclerated Model
HAM Transportaiton Heavy Automative Maintenance
HAM Academic History of Art & Music
HAM Compurter Hybrid Access Memory
HAM Science Fiction Human Against Monster
HAM Community Health Action MANA
HAM Science Hydrogeochemical Assessment Model
HAM Computing Half Amiga Mode
HAM Internet Handsome and Macho
HAM Funny Health,Arrogance, and Money
HAM Internet  Handover All Money
HAM Funny Homo Action Moves
HAM Community Hookup A Mate
HAM Medical Health Action Mind
HAM Unclassified Hard as a Motherf
HAM Unclassified Heat Air and Moisture
HAM Medical Holloman Aerospace Medical
HAM International Hot Asian Money
HAM Community Harvard Allumni Magzine
HAM Academic Harvard Art Mauseums
HAM Internet  He Ask Me
HAM Governmental Height Adjustment Maneuver
HAM Science Hertz, Ampere and Marconi
HAM Unclassified Hobby Amateur Morse
HAM Community  Hope Alive Ministry
HAM Community Help All Mankind
HAM Accounting Hold A Month
HAM Community  Home Automation Magzine

Hmm Full Form । Hmm ka Full Form

Hmm meaning is different for different conversation which is totally depends on chats.Mostly this word is used in the Whatsapp chat conversation to explain the human interface. Mostly all internet users use in their chat section to give a positive response to other person who chat with him or her.

If we can say Hmm is basically yes to another person who is talking. Most of the girls are using this word in their conversation. But in some other cases Hmm means a rejection or we can say person who is talking but the listner is not interested in talking with him so to refuse him he will give the answer as Hmm. Conclusion is that Hmm is a word which have different meaning in different places so that it depends on the whole conversation is happening in between two or more people.

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