VC Full Form । What does VC mean?

VC Full Form । What does VC Stands for?

VC – Venture Capital

Venture Capital (VC) is financial capital which any business needs for startup that business.

Venture Capitalist is an entity that gives the amount for a business startup or boosts up that business so it is a bank or financial institution or investor.

VC full form in Education is Vice-Chancellor. Vice-Chancellor is an administrative head of any university so the whole part of administrative is given to that particular person.


VC full Form in Hindi

What is the full form of VC in Hindi 

VC full Formपूंजी

Abbreviation Full-Form  Category
VC Venture Capital  Business > Finance
VC Video Creator Computing > Creator
VC Voice Chat / Video Chat Computing > Chats
VC Grand Theft Auto: Voice City Computing > Games & Entertainment
VC Cruising Speed Tech > Aircrafts & Airplane
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Regional > Countries
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (TLD) Computing > Domain Name (TLD)
VC Valtorta College Academic & Science > Universities
VC Vanadium Carbide Academic & Science > Chemistry
VC Vanier College

Academic & Science > Universities

VC Vassar College Academic & Science > Universities
VC Version Control Computing > Programming & Development
VC VI Coactus Academic  & Science > Language
VC Vapnik-Chervonenkis Theory Computing > General Computing
VC Victoria Cross Governmental > Military
VC VideoCore Computing > Hardware
VC Verginia College Academic & Science > Universities
VC Virtual Circuit Computing > Networking
VC Virtual Console Computing > Games & Entertainment
VC Virtual Communications Association & Organization > Regional
VC Volkov Commander Computing > Software & Application
VC VenCleef Governmental > Military
VC Viet Cong Governmental > Military
VC Video Conference Business > General
VC Video Clip Community > News & Media
VC Very Cool  Internet > Chat
VC Virtual Channel Computing > Telecom
VC Very Carefully  Governmental > Transportation
VC Variable Costs Business > Accounting
VC Virtual Classroom Community > Educational
VC Very Clever Internet > Chat
VC Voice Coil Academic & Science > Electronics
VC Vicius Circle Community

What is VC in WhatsApp?

VC is stands for whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat, Wechat, Twitter and oteher social platforms is Voice Chat, Video Chat and Voice Channel. Now Video Chat is most commonly use because of increasing video calls due to high internet speed.

What dies VC mean?

Basically it is used as a finance terms that is Venture Capital that is most probably used in the market. But there are other abbrevation are also there so you can click the link for these particular Abbrevations.

What is VC in business?

In business term or we can say in finance term VC stands for Venture Capital. It means that a financial capital provided to business at startup position where they need it much more to invest.

Where do VC get their money?

Most probably VC are get their money from investors, Banks and Financial Institutions. In the market their are other resources are avilable raise the funds but these are the mostly used by business to get the money.

How does VC make money?

A VC get money after giving VC it get some amount of interest or charges against this amount. A Business return this amount back to VC it will also pay its interest for the amount it used.

How much return does a VC expect?

Actually A VC didn’t get a fixed amount of return it will depends on many factors like type of business, profit in that business so it is up to 700 to 800 percent or it is in negitive also.

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