IVS Full Form । What is full form of IVS?

What is full form of IVS? । IVS Full Form

IVS Full-Form – IVS Full Form

IVS (Interactive Videodisk System) this technology is used in teaching.

Interactive Videodisk System (IVS) is a computer-assisted technology that gives permission to a disk to store a video up to a limited period of time.  This system is most probably used in the Education system.

IVS is computer-assisted video instructions that are stored in the system and used to make educational content. In this system there will be used different types of studies about labs, to explain biological expressions and much more to educate.

IVS Full Form।Full Form of IVS

Other IVS terms are Explained Below:-

Term Full-Form Category
IVS Interactive Videodisk System Government
IVS Interactive Video Services Telecom
IVS International Viola Society Others
IVS Interactive Voice System Governmental
IVS Integrated Video Services Computer & Networking
IVS India Vision 2020 Sansthan Organization
IVS Internal Value Structure Hospital
IVS International Voluntary Service Organization
IVS Indigo Virtual Switch Others
IVS Internet Via Satellite Telecom
IVS Indus Valley School School
IVS Island View Shipping Organization
IVS Indus Valley Software Software
IVS Internal Value Structure Hospitals
IVS Infosys Validation Services Others
IVS Itchy Vagina Syndrome Medical
IVS Infosys Validation Solutions Others
IVS Incredibly Valued Services Business
IVS Innovative Vehicle Solutions Transportation
IVS In-Vehicle Sensor Automotive
IVS International Voluntary Services International
IVS Intelligent Vision System Others
IVS Intellectual Virtual String Others


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